THERMO TG650 S Stainless Steel laminate

Published on 14/03/2018

Thermo TG650 S combines a new concept of stainless steel laminate and a caramelised glass fibre cloth with a view to reduce smoke emissions to the minimum.

With this as their main component, our two options add the following biosoluble millboards as a complement to obtain rigid biosoluble calcium silicate panels with unique characteristics and resistance up to 1200°C :INSULFRAX BOARD and NEFALIT BIO

Download attachment I FATTI NOSTRI_ENG 3.pdf

High temperature vitreous wool insulating board up to 1100 °C
Insulfrax® is an insulating panel made from high temperature vitreous wool , with high solubility in simulated body fluids and hence carries no hazard classification.
Insulfrax Boards can be used in a wide range of applications up to 1100°C